My Favorites from 2011


My blog is officially 1 year old!  I'm pretty happy with the results of this year, although November and December were pretty difficult for me to keep up.  I was cooking, but unable to get posts up.  However, I've learned from the experience and next year I will begin prepping posts early to appear in that time period.

I plan to get the new year started off with a new recipe this week, but in the meantime I thought I'd share with you my favorites from 2011.  What makes a recipe my favorite?  Generally, favorites get repeated, so that's how I went about choosing 2011 favorites.  So without further adieu:

Garbanzos and Smoked Sausage - This was a by far one of most repeated recipes of the year. Since I first made this back in May, it has been a huge hit in our house.  In fact, it was our New Year's Eve dinner.

Ina's Seafood Stew - I first made this a few years ago and save it for special occasions.  I've made it numerous times, including Christmas Day.

Lighter Vegetable Quiche - I made several versions of quiche this year, but I'm choosing this one because it's the base recipe for the rest of them.  We all know quiche isn't light,  so I was quite happy to produce this "lighter" version using cottage cheese.  This is a great make ahead recipe for workday breakfasts.

Chicken Cacciatore - A great, healthy recipe that is always a hit in our house and easy prep for a weeknight meal.  It's also impressive enough for guests.

Honey Mustard Coleslaw - A simple recipe that we've enjoyed often, including just a few weeks ago.  Who says you can only eat coleslaw in summer?

Banana Oat Bread - My go-to banana bread when the bananas aren't looking so fresh.  I love that this recipe contains all healthy ingredients.

Italian Drip Beef - Quite possibly the easiest recipe to make.

Arroz Con Pollo - Jessica helped me fill a void in my Latin cooking skills.

Beef Stroganoff - My last favorite, but certainly not my least, is a go-to which I've learned to make on the stovetop and in the crockpot.

I thought I'd end with the most viewed post of the year (your favorite?), even though I only made them once.  Coconut Ginger Lime Oatmeal Muffins - These are a great, not-to-sweet flavor combination I created and make a fantastic on-the-go breakfast.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and good things to come in 2012!

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Your Chicken Cacciatore is one of my favorites! Too bad my sister doesn't make it enough for me...

Happy one year blog-versary! Very successful endeavor it was!