How Does My Garden Grow: Early June


I can't believe it's been just 3 short weeks since I last posted about my garden! Big things are happening here, and I'm so excited. First, take a look at this beautiful bowl of greens (arugula, romaine and spinach), scallions and chives that I picked for dinner tonight. Paired with those apple sized radishes and sweet red onions from the farmer's market, we had a crunchy, slightly spicy and fresh salad to accompany dinner tonight.

Okay, now on to the big things. We went from this:

to this! In 3 weeks!

Thank you sun, rain and amazing soil! As you can see, all the squash are healthy! We're seeing signs of baby zucchini...

and white turnip heads....

There are tons of flowers on the peas and tomatillos. The radishes are plenty, and the brussel sprouts, cucumbers and peppers all look strong.

Sugarsnap peas are flowering as well, the scallions may make it, however, the dill was a bust and has bolted.

The tomatoes are strong, with a few plants already flowering.

And the black raspberries, well, we got them fenced and netted. However, as you can see, they've bolted right through the netting and continue to be out of control. They are producing a lot of fruit which I'm pleased about. I need to read up on the possibilities of transplanting these bushes. We're talking about moving them to the back of the yard, away from the house, since they are a bit unsightly. Not to mention, they are growing up under the siding now.

How is your garden growing? I'd love to hear what's working, as well as what's not working, for you. 

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Oh wow! What a cool garden! What time do you go to sleep,,,I can be REAL quiet! hahaha,,,

Sleep, it's overrated! I sleep with one eye open... ;)

Everything looks gorgeous!