Black Bean and Corn Salad

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Here is an easy salad I made up last summer when I was looking for something quick and easy to serve with empanadas.  I made this again recently to go with these Grilled Honey Tangerine Sandwiches.  I love that it is not only easy and delicious, but healthy and protein packed.  I always make the full recipe since this is a perfect for lunch the next day.

Here is what you need:

  • 1 15 oz. can black beans, rinsed and drained
  • 1 cup frozen corn, cooked and cooled
  • 1/2 cup salsa
  • 2 Tbsp diced red onion
  • 1 handful cilantro, chopped
Mix all ingredients together.  Chill until ready to serve.  Serves 4-6 as a side.

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